Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PC - Powerschools

Powerschools is an education program for Mac and PC which is used to keep student records.  I wrote this for substitute school nurses to use on PCs to enter attendance.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mask Your Computer from the Projector

I wrote this because several teachers were using their projectors and white boards more often but still needed to be able to use their computers privately.  This simple toggle solves the problem and this single page explains the solution.  Many teachers didn't know how to use this tool previously and began to use it after I disseminated this.

Burn a CD from a PELCO Video Surveillance System

The school I work at had a new surveillance system installed.  Shortly thereafter they had an incident for which they wanted a permanent record that would be readily available so they asked me to burn a CD of the video clip from the system.  There was no manual for the surveillance system.  I explored the program which is fairly intuitive and was able to burn the piece of video to CD.  I wrote up the instructions so there will be something to follow in the event they need to do this again.

Burn a CD of PELCO Security System Video

Tagxedo Instructions

These instructions are written for teachers and elementary students to create a simple Tagxedo.



For three years I have published the Iroquois Middle School quarterly newsletter.  I do not write the text but I coordinate and gather articles, photos and information from school staff and parents.  I format and design the newsletter and publish it digitally.  Initially I used Microsoft Office Word for the document.  Recently I have been publishing it from Apple iWorks Pages.

Quarterly January 2012 Iroquois Quarterly March 2010

Glencliff FAQ

This is a document I wrote for families new to Glencliff Elementary to answer the basic questions about the school.  I did this as a volunteer and I have produced about 50 of these brochures each fall for the past two years.

Glencliff Welcome

How to Save to a Server

This How To sheet was written for elementary students in grades 3-5 who need help saving to our school server.  The teachers use it too.

Save It to Your Folder

Blogger Comments for 4th Grade Students

This document was written for fourth grade students who were learning to leave comments on a Blogger blog.


Instructions to Set Up a Computer Lab

These are instructions to substitute teachers so they can get the computer lab ready for a school day in my absence.  These instructions are targeted to readers with limited technology experience.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Effective Searches

Several teachers were having a hard time navigating all the resources available on the Promethean Planet website which they wanted to use with the smart boards in their classrooms.  I wrote this for them and they are now finding more resources that fit their needs and using them in the classrooms. Searches

Monday, March 12, 2012

Knitting Pattern

This is a tutorial pattern I wrote to teach a friend how to knit a scarf with a particular stitch pattern.